Choosing environmentally friendly building materials doesn’t have to be the expensive and risky choice. The green building supplies movement has come a long way since its early days and made great gains in lowering costs and raising performance. For instance, waterproof coatings made from natural products can be just as durable as ones produced by the chemicals industry. Masonry made from virtually any material, such as brick, tile, terra cotta and natural stone, can be covered effectively with these polymers with zero permeability and 100 percent waterproofing performance.

For roofing systems, on the other hand, the key feature is reflectivity. New state laws in California and elsewhere require roofing to have a minimum level of reflectivity, so that heat gets deflected away and does not get absorbed into the building. Too much absorbed heat requires air conditioning and raises energy costs. According to the federal government’s Energy Star program, Americans spend $40 billion per year on air conditioning. With highly reflective coating, however, it’s possible to reduce those figures.

Some roofing surfaces that are accredited by the Energy Star program and the Cool Roof Rating Council are also made from renewable materials like corn and soybean oil. By supporting the biobased products industry, you’re helping future generations and creating an environment free of harmful chemicals. In addition, your support will only help drive greater economies of scale and lower costs to make this a compelling and viable alternative to the chemicals industry.

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