Alcove Units

McMullen Carpentry & Joinery are London’s leading independent carpentry and joinery firm with over 15 years experience of fitting alcove units in East London and surrounding areas.

Our hand made bespoke alcove units are created to suit the style of your home. We can have a joiner visit you to measure the space and build an alcove or tv unit that compliments your home whether it be Victorian, Georgian or contemporary. Our experts will match mouldings in the room so that your new piece of furniture looks like it was always there.

If you require we can even provide an offsite quote; providing a price by email with only the briefest of details from you. We will then design, build and professionally spray your furniture in our joinery shop. Installation of the alcove unit will take only one day and cause the absolute minimum of inconvenience to yourselves and your home life.

What are Alcove Units?

Alcove units are most commonly the combination of base cupboard and shelves fitted in to a small recessed area of the room or arched opening known as an alcove.

Lighting or power sockets can be hidden underneath, or fitted in a discreet position to add functionality and versatility to the unit without drawing attention away and distracting from the aesthetic.

How Tall Should Alcove Cupboards Be?

The height of your alcove cupboard will very much depend on the purpose of the cupboard. Traditionally alcove unit cupboards have alway been built to an 80cm height, which is the same as a sideboard.  Contemporary uses of the alcove cupboard are generally TV and gaming related which may require a more bespoke, lower height. We can help whatever your requirements may be.

Watch Our Installation Of A Bespoke Alcove Unit

What Can You Do With An Alcove Unit?

With over 15 years of fitting alcove units around East and North London we’ve seen all manner of uses for this versatile furniture. Here are some ideas:

  • Build out a small home office using alcove shelving.
  • Alcove Units can be used as storage to hide away unwanted items or  display art, photos or treasured possessions.
  • A home bar.  This is definitely one of our favourite suggestions. A few choice bottles and some well placed fairy lights is a great use of the space.
  • A library is definitely the most classic use of the alcove unit space.
  • TV or gaming units are a popular choice

How Do You Measure An Alcove?

It always helps if you’re able to provide measurements to allow us to give you the most accurate quote via email. Measure the alcove at the front across the space as well as at the back wall and the sides. It is possible the sides of the alcove could be substantially out of parallell and we’ll have to establish the angle using an adjustable square. We will of course take accurate measurements before commencing any work to ensure the best finish for your alcove unit.